At 71 I surrendered to playing with color.

White On Black

Working with black paper. Staying with white or slight variations. I do this because it gives me a different expression and awareness from the other work I am currently working on color abstraction. A nice juxtaposition or compliment.


These collages are my current body of work. The world is dying in front of our very eyes and it is due to our unconscious behavior. I am hoping to bring some awareness to this alarming truth in order to help everyone face it. The working title for this series is Global Warning.

UnStill Life

These paintings have emerged from my discomfort in the world. Much of the emphasis is on the other sentient beings we share this planet with, yet overlook or destroy without any consideration or compassion. Some of the paintings are about trying to center and still myself during all the worldly turmoil. Such exercises give me peace and courage to serve the world through work that honors truth and beauty.

Paintings From The Old Neon Boneyard

52 8 x 10 gouache paintings on hand made Tibetan paper. The series was painted en plein aire at the old Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas, Nevada from December to June of 2007/8. I was very privileged to sit inside the Neon Boneyard on a daily basis for six months and document the rusted, broken glass neon old growth forest of Las Vegas. A boneyard is a British term for graveyard. Most signage was made by YESCO, Young Electric Sign CO. Most signs were built to specification and leased, maintained by YESCO during their years of use at casinos and restaurants up and down the Strip and in downtown Vegas. The 'bones' of the old signs ended up being preserved at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. I am looking to find a home for this historical documentation of Las Vegas' history and hoping to keep it all intact. There are 64 8 x 10 paintings displayed here. 12 are in private collections. The Neon Boneyard is a rich cultural museum in Las Vegas that no longer looks as it did when I painted it. I am very fortunate for this experience and have deep gratitude for all the people that helped me achieve this body of work.

Drawings and Journals

Works on paper using mainly pencil and pen, some markers and some gouache. These journals span years of drawing and observing from many different locations throughout the world.


Portraits in oil, gouache, pencil, ink, collage. Self portraits have historically been a place an artist visits when they have no idea where else to start. I have enjoyed this process for many years and feel there is so much more to learn. I plan to expand my explorations at portraiture so as to include others because the human face is such a fascinating and ever changing composition of psychological complexion that is both challenging and richly rewarding.


Oil paintings, gouache paintings in plein aire. For years I was a studio painter working from my imagination and often finding the work to be a divining rod for plumbing my unconscious inner terrain. Once I left the studio for my love of nature I began on a path of observation and service through the work. There is no better teacher than Nature.

Open Your Golden

I lived in Russian Hill for almost a decade. In that time I used my rolling carry on bag to traverse the streets and hills of San Francisco with my art supplies. I would find curb or stoop or pier to work from. I was inspired by my years in Guatemala where I did a lot of en plein aire paintings of my environment. I carried this passion with me to my new location. The climate and architecture were so different, along with the challenges....but there was so much beauty around me in both locations that I had to explore my new home town. Painting on the boats from Hyde Street Pier ws the apex of my journey. I would go from one of the three accessible boats and paint the landscape of and from the boats. I would paint from the Eureka, the CA Thayer and the Balcutha. The Balcutha was my favorite ship. I loved sitting on the stern of the ship and look back at the San Francisco skyline of North Beach. Often my horizon line was bobbing but it was such a pleasant expierence painting from these locations.


Plein Aire paintings of cows in New Mexico and California over a span of 15 years. Most all of these paintings have been sold. I display the paintings here because painting cows has been one of my most rewarding experiences as a painter. I want to share that joy with you.